Wednesday, August 11, 2010

don't judge me

who said i can't defeat my wavering spirit;
who said it will be darkness at the end of time;
who said that life is just as you feel your breath;
who said i can't win the battles of my life;
who said i'm not good enough to realise my dream;

who said that those who look dow at me are better;
who said that those who hate me i hate them back;
who said that when i give my opposition a smile i'm faking it;
who said i the beast in the ocean;

i am the person of my own;
no one knows me, i can't define myself
he who said i can, yes i can;
i'm just a boy from the farms trying to be somebody;
please stop judging me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

who said...

who said i can not stand up when i fell
who said i can not rise when i stumble
who said i will never be great like others
who said i'll not praise when i'm sick

the sun that pierces my skin make me unfimiliar to this world
the waters that flows through my belly point me out
i'm the toenardo in the mist of the darkness
i swiftly uproot the greates trees
my arm is stronger than samsons'

i walk free on the waters and the air of this world
respect i do not command i demand
great things they call me
do i look to be the hope in the eyes of the hopeless
do i seem to be a shoulder to carry those who are crippled

who said i can not be, be and be the the vanguard of my people.

why do we live

is this the life i should live?
is this the live given to me by the almighty
is this life, that i feel when i pinch myself
when i open my eyes and see the light

i see differrent colours and sounds
the sky is decieving and clouds are of their colour
i tend to ask myself the question
why do we live?

do we live to please the almighty?
do we live to please my self?
if thats it who am i?
why am i here?
for what good reason

do we live to taste the harshness and pleasure of nature
do we live to see tha face of death
do we live to feel comforted by the spirit of the gods
why do we breathe?

why do we live,
he who says can answer me let him tell me.......

Monday, February 16, 2009

this is my life

i will live the life of smile and laughter;
i came to my senses and i smiled back;
the pains and sorrows of the past are no more;
i live the life of spiritual funtasy;
beyond all possible pains i remained;
like a giant tree i was never shaken;

i live my life like yesterday never existed;
i fly high above the clouds and sky;
my wings insist me to go further;
beyond what, i dont know...this is adventour;

my lips always sing a song of hope;
believing that great is yet to come;
the begining and the incipient of peaceful mind;
the overwhelming and calmness upon a human mind;
i joy and courage wrapped in a bottle of a kind;
wow this is my life,i will live it;

how i want people to laugh as i laugh;
be silly for a moment;
giggle to fade away the sadness inside;
how i wish to live beyond this life;
this is my life.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mathanya of my life

Friday, November 14, 2008


yes i am a thief;
in front of the judge i had said;
yes i steal with my head high;
yes i am a thief;

for many politicians came and promised us life;
many had life we never had and they left;
i steal not for fun but for a need;
i refuse to be a begger;
i steal to fill my gut;

i stole from myself and i never felt good;
yes crucify me is fine;
dying bring my suffering to an end;
dying bring peace to my mind;
for evil i always think;

i will steal and steal for i am nobody;
i'm rejected by many;
my existance is of no value to many;
when i pass they whisper;
when i greet they keep quite;

i steal for justice to be done;
doing a little wrong for a big write;
yes i'm aware of my deeds and actions;
i'm aware of the pain i cause;
yet my stomach cause me to do what i'm doing;
i steal and steal.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The other side of Africa

no one ever showed us that side;
the side an American child do not know about Africa;
it is hidden by those who undermine it;
a side everybody hate;

all we know about the mother continent;
she gave birth to all human mankind;
she is known of poverty;
she is known of pain and murder;
why is africa to many a dull and infected land;

a land so rich that the outsider love;
yes they love it for their self enrichment;
a land of gold and diamond;

my africa has another side;
a side that is difficult to see on tv;
a side that many can not believe;
Africa is a strong mother;
persicuted by her childern and rivals;